The Basics on Recreational Crabbing Using a Ring Net:

Crabbing is the skill of capturing those feisty but delicious shellfish we call crabs. For recreational crabbers like you and I, there are a few, easy-to-learn methods for catchy these delightful critters. It requires absolutely NO prior experience and provides hours of fun for everyone.

Another easy way to catch crabs is by utilizing crab rings. The concept is straightforward: bait the crabs into the ring and “close” the trap when you think the crabs are inside of it. Easy! The absolute simplest crab ring is a two ring crab net. Similar to method 1 with the line and net, a recommended bait to use is chicken necks (or any chicken parts).

Let’s go through the steps to crab with a two ring crab net.

    1. Location, location, location. In order to use this trap, you need to be situated significantly above the crabs. So a bridge, pier, dock, or crabbing from a boat would work.
    2. Place your bait inside of the net. Securing it to the net is optional but recommended. Tip: Place rocks or some kind of weight in the net as well so that it can be secured to the water floor. Strong currents may make it more difficult to crab.

  1. Lower the trap into the water using some type of rope attachment to the net.
  2. Wait until crabs have moseyed into your trap. It’s best to confirm this visually (if possible).
  3. Pull the trap up as fast as you can to avoid the crabs from swimming away.


This is a great way to catch numerous crabs if your crab net is big enough. The equipment is also fairly cheap. This method lends for a more relaxed crabbing experience. The trap works for you and you don’t need to pay attention to it diligently. Bring a book and a lawn chair. Relax in the sun while your crabs fall into your trap. Just check back once in a while to make sure your bait isn’t gone. Don’t forget to secure your rope attachment to something so that it does not fall into the water.


Reeling the catch up can be a challenge but if you are up for it, it can be fun. Also, you need to find the correct location for this type of crabbing, otherwise, your crab trap will likely not work.




Don’t fall overboard! Practice good hygiene and wash your hands after handling raw chicken. Ingesting bacteria from the chicken can cause illness.

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